PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI is located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The company is producing leather footwear for men, woman and children for local and international market. For International market, the company export to: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, England, Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand and France under brands Kickers, Hush Puppies, Pierre Cardin, Santa Barbara, Polo, Andre Valentino, Via Nova, Felix Verguso, Joo and many more.


PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI , not only maintains a very good relationship with its buyers but also received a prestigious award from government for its participation in helping small industries, named UPAKARTI in December, 14th, 1994.


PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI realized the importance of their Research and Development Division to support the success of the company. PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI believe that through extensive research and development on new technologies in developing design, technical and materials, the company will stay dynamic, competitive and responsive to the challenges and opportunities that lie head.


PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI consider quality shoes, therefore, we combine the skilled human resource and the advanced technology to manufacture the shoes. The company has a tight quality control from the beginning to the end of the process, so that every shoes that we have made become our pride and commitment to give you the best in quality and design.


History : 1975 Founded by Mr. Dedy Soedrajat, 1986 First export to England, 1988 Export shoes to Saudi Arabia,1991 Become PT FOXIMAS MANDIRI, 1991, First export  to Taiwan, 1994 Receive UPAKARTI, a prestigious award from government for participation in helping small industries, 1998 Chosen by a local government for supplying shoes, 1998 Export shoes to Australia, 2000 Export shoes to New Caledonia and many other countries, 2001 Become a member of supplier ASPERDIA HANKAM, supplying shoes for POLRI, TNI AD, TNI AU, TNI AL, KEMHAN, TAGANA, BEA CUKAI, KEJAKSAAN, SATPOL PP, DISHUB, and many government institute, 2004, 2010 Supply shoes for election uniform, 2011 Export military shoes to Malaysia.